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“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”
                                                                                   ― Malcolm X



We will help you choose education program that meets your requirements and career plans


We assist you in getting an assessment of your current education background in place to get closer to your goal 


We сan help you find a scholarship that will help with paying your tuition fees


Get a resume that stands-out in every field and catches the recruiter's attention and makes them want to hire you


We will help you get your SIN and Health Card, find an affordable accommodation once you are in Canada



Language Schools – ESL/FSL
Language Schools – ESL/FSL

The greate service we have

Work and Study
Work and Study

Get your degree along with Canadian work experience, which is an excellent way to build your career skills, develop language skills, experience a new culture, make new friends from all over the world, and earn some extra income.

​Academic Programs
​Academic Programs

​Earning an Academic Degree is a significant achievement that will have lifelong benefits.  You will obtain an academic qualification, develop and learn valuable life skills, and all these will help you increase your career success.

Certificate Programs
Certificate Programs

​Upgrade your qualification and refresh your knowledge to become a highly-qualified expert in your area of expertise.

​Internship Programs
​Internship Programs

Gain valuable Canadian work experience and skills related to your field of study.

​Certificates of Qualification
​Certificates of Qualification

Willing to work in skilled trades in Canada? – Get a Certificate of Qualification and get closer to your dream. The Certificate will prove that you are qualified to work in a certain skilled trade.





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Education background obtained in Canada will open doors for your prospective and well-paid future. Canada’s universities, colleges, and technical schools maintain high standards of academic excellence and are consistently recognized in top international rankings as one of the best and most equitable in the world. Moreover, Canadian tuition fees are some of the lowest compared to other English-speaking countries. 


Canadian education system is a hybrid taking the best practices from the UK (depth of study) and American (breadth of study) systems and adding a Canadian twist (half of your program concentrates on depth while the other half offers breadth or the ability to combine two or more areas of passion).


Maple Land Education Services experts will work with you to find the right program for your needs and goals. We select our educational partners very carefully to meet the standards and requirements of our clients. Every partnering institution has a respectable reputation, and its credentials are recognized around the world. You will be able to choose from the variety of programs available for our clients (hyperlink to programs and services page) and are in high demand not only in Canada.


Our Mission is to help our students to succeed. Our experts will help you find the best college and program that match your goals and requirements, and will lead you through every stage of the process - from getting your study permit and student visa to, through


Our experts will support you in every step you take to come to Canada as a student: finding a right program, receiving a study permit and student visa, getting the right to work after the graduation, obtaining a permanent resident status in Canada if needed.


Education in Canada is the most powerful investment into your future! Plan NOW for your future success.