Canadian court revokes man's citizenship

Canada's Federal Court on Thursday declined to review a decision to revoke the citizenship of a Ukrainian immigrant accused of having links to a Nazi SS killing squad during World War II.

In a statement, the court said the Canadian government's finding that Helmut Oberlander, now aged 94, had lied about his wartime activities when he arrived in Canada with his wife in 1954 was "justifiable," paving the way to his deportation.

Canadian court documents allege Oberlander was a member of Einsatzkommando 10a (Ek10a), a Nazi mobile killing squad that systematically executed thousands of people in the former Soviet Union after the German invasion.

When Oberlander landed in Canada, he made no mention of his membership in Ek10a, where he served as an interpreter and an auxiliary, the court said.

The judgment said if Oberlander had revealed this information there is "no doubt" it "would have resulted in the rejection of his citizenship application."

It is the fourth time Canada has revoked Oberlander's citizenship, in a saga that has been ongoing since Oberlander's first notice of revocation in 1995. There is a possibility he will appeal the latest ruling.


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