Employment of Skilled Immigrants

According to a new report published by the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC), newcomers’ ability to find skills-commensurate employment has improved.

The report also reveals:

  • Underemployment has a long-lasting impact: Due to underemployment at the start of an immigrant’s working life, it can take up to decades for them to catch up with their Canadian-born counterparts.

  • Immigrants with a Canadian degree are doing better than those without: GTA newcomers who gained a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Canada are more likely to be working in a job that requires a degree. Newcomer women in the GTA who gained their degree outside Canada in a non-STEM subject are the least likely to be working in a job that requires a degree.

  • Employers make a difference: Employers have an important role to play in addressing underemployment and unlocking the hidden potential of all immigrant groups.

  • Employers positively benefit from highly skilled immigrants: Employers who have a focus on hiring highly-skilled immigrants are much more likely to appreciate the benefits.

Source; http://www.cbj.ca/gtas-highly-skilled-immigrants-continue-to-face-underemployment-report-finds/

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